ZH417-11-18-RO is a conventional hybrid stepper motor. It utilizes a permanent magnet in the rotor. This motor uses a ring magnet in the stator and reduces the detent torque (unenergized drag torque) because the magnetic flux path is able to reach over the stator windings and go through only the outer edge of the rotor. Reducing detent torque improves accuracy, smooth operation and reduces noise. Best of all, modifying the magnet location does not change the dynamic torque.
  • Step angle is 0.9°
  • Operating current range is 0.6A
  • Holding torque is 0.12Nm
  • Resistance range is 10.66ohm
  • Unipolar connection
  • Operating temperature range is -20°C to +50°C
  • Dielectric strength is 500VDC for 1min
  • Insulation resistance is 100Mohm at 500VDC

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Motor ZH417-11-18-RO

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